Dear Online Business Owner,


You have no idea how happy I am that YOU are here. Because you are who I serve. 

Being an online business owner is no walk in the park. You are the dreamer, the boss, the head of every department, and the worker for every department. Not to mention managing everything else in your life. And since many of us work from home, its often juggling all of this simultaneously (especially if you’re a mompreneur). It’s easy to become buried in it all and feel like you’re losing your life to your business.

But let’s get back to why you started your online businesses.  You started your business so you can take control of your time, work how you want, when you want, where you want, and with whom you want. Right? Sure you did. But why? To support your dream to actually live your life.

Getting your brand nailed down and then designing all your visuals to accurately represent it in order to create a cohesive experience for your ideal clients is a big deal for creating brand recognition and building a following of ideal clients that trust you. That’s a lot of time and frustration if you are trying to do that all on your own. Let me take that off your plate so you can focus on doing what you do best.

I am your design partner, here to equip you with a fresh brand and visuals so you can focus on building an online biz that let’s you live.

My Story

1  C O R I N T H I A N S  1 5 : 5 8

Be strong and immovable. Always work enthusiastically for the Lord, confident that nothing you do for Him is a waste of time or effort.

I was always the good girl. The rule follower. The quiet one. The pastors kid. The straight A student. Those were the main labels given to me growing up. I graduated from high school early, went straight to college where I “came out of my shell”, and got a part-time job doing logo + website design before I was even in the graphic design program at Sacramento State University. I got married at 21 to the man of my dreams, graduated at 22, then my job transitioned to a full time position where I was essentially head of the department and far from being micromanaged. I should’ve felt high on life. But I didn’t. 

In fact, I’d slip into depression on Sunday afternoons because Monday was the next day. The truth was that I grew up feeling offbeat from everyone else. I didn’t really fit the mold that everyone else seemed to fit. I often felt like very few people really understood me. So when I tried to force myself down the path society sets for us all, it didn’t feel right. I dreamt of running my own business, doing my own thing, and creating a different path. God wired me to create.

But it wasn’t all for nothing because that journey, which brought me to my breaking point, is what gave me my voice. It gave me my backbone. It taught me courage. It gave me confidence. It developed the character within me that was necessary to break the rule society set! I quit my full-time design job, got a part-time day job and began building my own business. 

And thus began the wild adventure. It hasn’t been easy, but I know it is part of God’s plan for me. It’s been full of challenges, up hill battles, unexpected scenarios, and major learning curves. But every success is worth the challenge, every win is worth the battle, every unexpected scenario develops character, and every lesson learned brings tremendous personal and business growth. And it means freedom to create my dream life. A life where family is priority. A life where fun exists. A life where I can actually live. A life lived for the greater purpose of serving the Ultimate Creator.

Why Afresh?

Afresh means “to do again in a new way” and has 3 layers of meaning within my business. The first layer is my story. I started my life afresh when I quit my full time job to build my own business. The second layer is you. The primary aim of my business is to help you start your life afresh— to create an online biz that let’s you live. The third layer is to help girls that have been rescued from the wretched sex trafficking industry start their lives afresh. Afresh Company partners with Courage Worldwide, a faith based organization that provides a home and program for rescued girls to help them heal from their past and learn how to live a real life.

Why a Lime?

Because limes are refreshing! The foundation of my entire brand is build upon that base word, fresh or refreshing. That is the feeling I wanted my logo to communicate. Citrus in general communicates freshness, but I chose lime because it captured a bit of my own personality, as well (see the fun facts). Here’s the progression: when you have a fresh brand and visuals, you are confident to build your online business afresh (in way that supports your life instead of taking from it), and all so you can courageously create your life afresh (let’s LIVE).

Random Fun Facts

  • My favorite color is lime green
  • My #1 caffeine of choice is coffee
  • My #2 caffeine of choice is iced tea with lime
  • My alcoholic beverage preference is original lime margarita
  • I’ve traveled internationally to Mexico, England, France, and Scotland
  • I want a tattoo
  • Snowboarding is my winter activity of choice
  • I love fashion and style
  • I love interior design & do a lot of home improvement in my spare time