Help Rescued Sex Trafficking Victims
Start Afresh.

Human trafficking is the largest growing crime in the USA, and it’s growing quickly. There are up to 300,000 victims in the USA per year. And it’s local. It’s happening right around us. Sacramento is one of the largest human trafficking cities in the USA. This issue is something that is heavy on my heart and I want to do something to help the fight against the crime as well as the efforts to help victims recover.

We have partnered with Courage Worldwide to help combat this growing issue. I support by helping to raise the awareness of this issue and donating 10% of my profits each month.

The money helps build courage houses for rescued victims to live in as well as fund the programs that help these girls recover from such horrific experiences and catapult them back to a normal and healthy life.

I want to help these girls start their lives afresh.
And by doing business with me, you are too.